The Original

Fish and Chips

A Message From The New Owner

The first time I tasted fish and chips was in Stanley Park when I was 9 years old. I can still remember the aroma while waiting in line and my first bite into the crispy batter covered with salt and vinegar as if it was yesterday.

Our family moved to Coquitlam in 1995, and over the years, the place that I found with the best fish and chips was right here at the original Austin Fish & Chips. I became friends with the owners, and when they were ready to retire, I tried selling the business for them. Most of the buyers wanted to renovate and change the menu.

I felt that it would be a shame to witness the demise of a famous, family-owned landmark in our community. Preserving the famous secret recipe for the light and crispy fish batter, the decade-old mural on the wall and the friendly staff who have been a part of Austin Fish & Chips for many years, became my priority. So I purchased the business to continue Austin Fish & Chip’s family-friendly traditions and am excited to make new friends who share our love for awesome fish and chips.

Thank you all for your support and for sharing your passion for fish and chips with your family and friends.

Our Restaurant


“This is the best fish and chips place ever. I highly recommend it. Fish is lightly coated and crispy. Very tasty. Coleslaw is really good as well. Our family come here when we have a craving for really good fish and chips.”




 “Great fish and chips. We tried the cod, halibut, oysters, scallops, and prawns. Everything was very fresh and the batter was crisp. Big portions. It’s not greasy like other fish and chips places I’ve visited. The servers were kind and attentive. Definitely recommend.”



 “Better than C-Lovers! There’s just something about being a family-owned business that makes the taste, service and atmosphere perfect in a dining experience. I personally enjoyed eating their halibut and fries, but their fried chicken was also 10/10.”



 “We regularly dine in here. The servers are great, food arrives fast and hot and delicious every time. Best fish ‘n’ chips in Coquitlam… or perhaps anywhere, and we have tasted a lot of fish ‘n’ over the past 55 years!”


Our Staff

We all live or grew up in the Tri-City area.

Our servers, Anne and Karen, have worked for over 20 years at the restaurant. They know almost everyone by name and their food orders by heart. We recently welcomed Debbie to our team, so we could serve everyone better.

Our chef, Ada, who has been cooking up a storm for over 20 years, knows how to make the best batter, fresh coleslaw, and juicy fried chicken, is sharing the secret to our new member, Cody.

Hours of Operation

11:30am – 8:00pm

3:00pm – 8:00pm


Our Location

1119 Austin Ave, Coquitlam, BC

(604) 937-7244